...Just Around The Bend
music and lyrics by
E. Karl Gallmeyer
- An original musical revue in 5 scenes -
Everywhere You Look - Choices!
Tell Me, Are You Really So Happy?
Tuesday I Have Life In Control
Wednesday – Should I Stay? Should I go?
No One Ever Advances Without Having To Choose.

Cast Size: 2 men & 2 women

Prologue: Choices
What I Like To Do
Credit Samba 
Funny How It's Over/My Turn/ I've No Hope
Ev’ryday In Ev’ryway
Another Day 
The Worry Song
Things That Happen In My Life/When Is It My Turn? 
Production Possibilities Curve
The Discovery
Everyone Says She's Terrific 
Don't Give Me Choices
The Search For Mayberry
Morning Waltz
I'm Glad We Waited
Destiny Calls
Everyday/New Day Dawning
Is your life what you wanted it to be? 
Or are you still waiting to see what's just around the bend?

music & lyrics © E. Karl Gallmeyer
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